Welcome to the Online Training for PRE-licensing course.

This study course is designed to assist individuals interested in the insurance profession in obtaining a thorough knowledge of IRDA laws and rules, and an accurate understanding of insurance theory and practice in the area of Life, General insurance.

Icall soft (p) ltd. is committed to aiding IRDA in achieving these goals by working with individuals seeking training and education on insurance topics to achieve their personal objectives and to build a firm foundation of knowledge in insurance laws and rules, and a comprehensive understanding of insurance theory and practice.

Our Training team asks that you, the student, aid us in servicing your educational needs while achieving goals by providing critical feedback concerning the content and quality of our online courses. Please take advantage of the online course feedback form and E-Mail tools to let us know what you think.

Each element of this course is followed by questions and answers relating to the information in the unit. After studying the material, attempt to answer the questions without referring to the Study Manual or the previous text.. Then check your answers on the next screen. Any incorrect or incomplete answers should help you uncover subjects that require additional study. the questions and answers are designed to test understanding of the course material. They do not stand alone as a study guide because they do not comprehensively cover all information in the text.

Meeting and chatting with the Instructor

This online training course provides you with two ways to interact with the instructor for your course. The first is through E-mail. If you need to speak with the instructor private via E-mail, just click here.

The second way to speak with the instructor is through the online chat room/open forum. To access the online chat room/open forum for insurance students click here. The instructor is normally in the chat room on week days from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.. If you need to ask your queries other than this time click here for offline queries.

Our courses are interactive, practical and results driven. We coach, we challenge, we inform, and we encourage. Participants take away a structured approach to analysis with ideas and proven examples of how to apply it to their marketplace.

Personal dictionary

You can select your own key word and then save it into your personal dictionary for the further references any time during the course .

Our Materials

Case studies and exercises form the foundation of our teaching and are tailored to the marketplace and background of the participants. They make a practical and up to date illustration of key analytic or theoretical points. The course notes and background reading serve as invaluable reference tools. This course content is developed by a our team of experienced trainers of insurance industry and purely based on the syllabus issued by the IRDA.

Our Trainers

The foundation of our success is the strength and caliber of our trainers. They all have insurance experience with exceptional practical market knowledge and interpersonal skills. Participants will be coached to ensure full understanding and challenged to maximize learning. click here to know more about our faculty .

Study Suggestions

Try to regiment your study. You will retain more information and gain a more complete grasp of concepts if you have a particular place and time in which to study this material. Your study location should be quiet and interruption free. Most student learn best in the morning after a good nights sleep. If you are schedule permits - consider rising early and study before your day would normally begin. You will discover that the internet is quicker and less prone to slow downs or interruptions. Most individual's find that their mind is quicker and able to comprehend material more readily - in the early morning hours.