Technical FAQ's

What is the maximum training hours per day?

Maximum Training for a day is 8 Hrs.

What happens to the extra time which I would have spent during the day?

You will be logged out of the training session once you spend the maximum hours per day.

How do I know that I have completed the training hours ?

You can check through "Know your Time Spent" link after you are logged in.

What is the maximum duration of training?

For Renewal Life and Renewal General :

Min 4 days

Max 7 days

For Life 25 Hrs and General 25 Hrs :

Min 4 days

Max 7 days

Does the web site works on all type of browsers?

Yes.The application works on all Browsers including SMARTPHONES and TABLETS.

How do I get the user ID and Passwords?

Once you ID is registered,you will receive your Login Credentials to your registered Email address and also an SMS to your registered mobile number.

How do I get the new password once my login page expired?

You will receive new password on to your registered mobile Number given at the time of registration.